Tammy Ouellette

HSA Canada Associate

What others like and admire about me

  • I am organised and reliable
  • I am always professional but friendly
  • Honest and genuine
  • Confident in the use of my skills
  • I believe whole-heartedly in being person-centered

What’s important to me

• To be organized and well prepared for any training.
• To do a good job so the training is viewed as valuable.
• To be seen as competent and professional.
• To listen to the stories and examples of how people have used the training to become person centered or how they have used the skills to enhance the lives of the people they support.
• To engage others in purposeful conversation

How best to support me

• Respond to my emails, phone messages etc . . . in a timely manner. I have many different contracts and people that I work with who all want dates and times from me. I like to respond back to people ASAP and need to be very organized to be able to do this.
• If I send you a message or say something that does not make sense please ask me about it... I will not be offended. Sometimes my thoughts get ahead of my explanations!
• I will ask for clarification if I am not clear on things...I am a detail person.
• I like to have lots of wall space and room for PowerPoint etc. Having visuals makes the training more interesting for all.

Next team member

Image of Julie Malette

Julie Malette

Lead of HSA Canada