Tara Cantwell

HSA Australia Associate

What others like and admire about me

  • A woman who knows what she needs
  • Team player
  • Clear about my boundaries
  • Committed
  • A great laugh
  • Positive

What’s important to me

• To love my life all the time!
• Maintaining quality relationships with my kids and partner
• Continual personal development for myself and others
• Having a good connection/relationship with people in training
• To be on time and for others to respect my time
• To be respected for my abilities in my workplace
• To spend time enjoying tasty and healthy food – minimal wheat and lots of veggies
• To understand the whole picture before I make a decision
• To be solutions focused and to be around others who are as well
• To do a very good job at everything and not to make mistakes
• To have a positive outlook on every situation
• To have access to good quality, real coffee whenever I want

How best to support me

• Give me clear direction about what you want and need from me and tell me everything that will help up front
• If you are late for something – text me even if it’s 10 minutes
• Give me all the information up front before you expect a decision (give me time to find more info if necessary). This includes meetings. I need a clear agenda – I love to be the agenda developer to ensure all the information is present
• I’m really self critical so to balance this out, please acknowledge when I’ve done a good job
• My invoices and contacts need a double check if possible. I don't have an eye for numbers
• If not good with new technology – allow me to try with you giving me instruction alongside me. Then if I still can’t do it – show me someone who can do it for me!
• Understand that I can’t do anything outside of my prescribed work hours anymore (thanks kids!). If you’re not sure what those hours are, please ask me because they can change each week

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