Vicky Jones


What others like and admire about me

  • Honest
  • Confident
  • Kind
  • Organised
  • Patient
  • Professional

" You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

What’s important to me

• To have a good work/home life balance. This means trying not to have to travel on a Sunday, or working during the evenings and weekends. It also means that I need to take my holidays in line with school holidays.
• That I am not late for meetings or training, and I have prepared well for them.
• That I always have my laptop, mobile phone and TomTom with me when I’m away.
• To be part of a committed team and have regular contact with other team members. This can mean phone calls, email, WebEx, team meetings as well as the opportunity to work with others as often as possible.
• To have honesty and clarity from the people I work with. Detail is very important to me.
• To spend quality time with my family. We always eat our evening meal together and have Sunday as a family day.
• To keep in regular contact with my mum and dad. We speak on the telephone or Skype 2-3 times a week, and see each other at least once a month.
• To go for a walk every day if I can, either on the beach, or somewhere where I can see the sea or mountains.
• To keep on learning. I work with local schools and families to develop my practice, but I also like to learn new skills. This can be anything from cooking something new to learning a new language. At the moment, it’s growing vegetables and running!

How best to support me

• If you want me to do something, please give me as much detail as possible about what it is, and agree a realistic deadline with me.
• If I say that I cannot do something, or if I need more time to do something, please know that I will have a very good reason for this.
• If you need to contact me, by phone or email is best. If I do not respond on the day, it is because I am away training, and may not have either the time or connectivity to do so.
• I like to talk my ideas through with people, please give me time to clarify my thinking.
• To have regular team meetings and supervision for support and to help me to focus on my work and development.
• To have good support the HSA office and know that I can get the answers to my questions quickly.

Next team member

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