How can I get my team working well together?

Whether your team is new, or has been together for years, it is important to keep focused on supporting people to work well together.

What are your team meetings like?


Do they always feel positive? Do they achieve results? Are they productive? Working on team meetings can be a good place to start.

Sometimes the team leader will set the agenda, chair the meeting and may even record actions as well! Sharing the responsibility for the meeting to go well, and sharing roles together is important within person-centred teams.

How can you support people to work to their strengths, and introduce a range of roles that help a meeting to go smoothly, here are two examples:

  • Timekeeper – to make sure that the meeting starts and finishes on time, and that the chair or facilitator knows how much time is left for each agenda item.
  • Hospitality – making sure that the environment is welcoming, and organising the practicalities of refreshments.

As well as sharing roles (we can list about 8 that are useful within meetings!) there are processes the enable everyone to be heard. For example, rounds and timed talk. Often agendas are little more than a bulleted list, and changing them to have clear timed items, with a specified outcome, and indicating how people need to prepare for each agenda item can make a big difference.

As well as changing meetings, you might want to work with your team to create a list of team agreements, that describe your commitments to each other. You can begin this by looking at what a good work day (or shift) looks like for each team member, and what a bad work day (or shift) looks like. From this you can both develop team one-page profiles, actions to help people to have more good days, and also develop a list of agreements that make it more likely that everyone has better days at work. You can use person-centred supervision and team meetings as opportunities to keep coming back to both one-page profiles and team agreements to check what is working and not working, and what actions you need to agree to keep your team working well together.



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